Planning a vacation can be pretty confusing. Most people don’t know where they have to go. The world is literally filled with different places that you can visit and enjoy. One of the most beautiful and scenic locations that you can visit is Japan. Japan is a fascinating country, with a perfect mixture of modernity and cultural heritage. Cities such as Tokyo attract some of the world’s most popular celebrities. However, if you are thinking about a scenic, idyllic location, you should consider Kyushu, Japan.

If you reside in the United Kingdom, finding a travel agency that can plan your trip in Kyushu, Japan can be difficult. Kyushu is basically an island (the third largest in Japan). Of the four main islands in the country, Kyushu is located at the most southwestern location. The terrain of Kyushu is mostly mountainous. However, if you want to explore the beautiful island of Kyushu, one of the best ways to do so is the Seven Stars Train. Running on the largest railroad track on the island, the Seven Stars Train puts you in the front seat to explore some of the most scenic views of the island.


Seven stars train kyushu

The Kyushu Seven Stars Train is one of the many examples of Japanese engineering. The train is decorated with gorgeous wood and fabric, and the interior resembles something out of a fairy tale. Not only do you get to view some of the most iconic vistas and gorgeous sceneries of Kyushu, but the train itself is a moving theater.


Designed by Japanese and Western engineers, the train is a mixture of both Japanese and Western influences. The lounge car contains a bar that is stocked with some of the finest drinks in the world. There are rotating chairs in the lounge for passengers who wish to cover both sides of the view. Furthermore, there are live performers in the car as well, who will treat you to live performance when you get bored of the beautiful vistas all around the train.

The Seven Stars in Kyushu provides comfort of the highest levels. You get to enjoy the finest standards in luxury and style, all while the world’s most scenic environments pass you by. The rear of the lounge car has a very large window that puts you right in the front seat. There are many types of suites and rooms available in the Kyushu Seven Stars Train. You can choose the Deluxe Suite, where a single carriage is divided between two different rooms. The standard suite rooms are split in to three rooms, which are slightly smaller.

The Kyushu Seven Stars Train has a very dedicated lounge area which serves as a rest area. There are comfortable sofas lining both sides of the lounge car, and you can order from a range of different delicacies. Be it the radiant sunshine or the towering mountains, you get to experience all of this surrounded by some of the finest luxuries afforded to man.

Enjoy live musical performances with a glass of fine wine in your hand, or order any other drink from an exhaustive selection. The train is equipped with a full- fledged kitchen, which offers a wide range of seasonal delicacies. The unique dining car, named “Jupiter” offers passengers the chance to select a wide range of seasonal ingredients and meals that are created based on their references. The Kyushu Seven Stars Train also offers exclusive meals to customers, and passengers will get to meet numerous special hosts throughout their journey. You get to taste the local flavors and seasonal delicacies of Kyushu while traveling through the scenic country side.



There are 14 guest rooms on the Seven Stars Train, all of which are different suites. Each of the 14 special rooms are designed for 14 different couples. The design of the train creates a combination between “old” and “new”, providing the perfect fusion between Japanese and Western interior design. The train leaves on selective dates, the details of which are regularly updated on the company’s official website. The journey usually lasts anywhere between 4- 5 days, and customers usually spend the first and third night of the journey is spent on the train, while the second night of the journey is spent at a Japanese ryokan, or an inn.

You can also search for fares online and decide which suite is best for you. In most cases, planning a trip to Kyushu requires you to work with a travel agency that offers bespoke Japanese tours. If you reside in the United Kingdom, carefully do your research before coming to a decision. Get quotes from different companies and decide which one to plan your trip with. Currently, there’s only one company that can arrange a bespoke trip to Kyushu on the Seven Stars Train.